Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
Client Horror Stories



We believe every story our guests have shared has their own touch, and their own lessons to learn from. However, it seems that there are a couple of lessons that keep coming up, and that’s why they deserve their own separate page for you to take notes on.

Learn to pause and assess before leaping into new business deals. Join in as we dive into the world of uncertainty, and discover the secrets involved in making the right decision.
Freelancing is the new in, and people have been scrambling to keep up with the new trend of unrestricted work hours and infinite holidays. With financial freedom as the main motto of freelancing, it’s easy to get blinded by high-paying clients while ignoring obvious red flags. Today, Ameet will tell us how to identify them and why you should always be vigilant before diving into the great unknown.
In the ever-expanding world of international e-commerce, the journey of Irina Poddubnaia stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the sheer will to overcome daunting challenges.
How would you feel being in a place where individuals made a living out of scamming people? The answer lies here. In this episode, Irina Poddubnaia will be sharing her traumatic experience with Chinese suppliers and providing insights on how to avoid them.
In this article, we unveil Sherrilynne Starkie's experiences as a boutique PR agency owner, navigating challenging client relations on the Isle of Man. Her story, marked by initial excitement and ensuing legal struggles, offers vital lessons in client management and agency protection. Starkie's tale is a valuable guide for anyone in the public relations industry.
Wouldn’t it be such a breeze if you could just do your work, complete it, and get paid for all your efforts? Alas, life always has a way of keeping things exciting. In this episode, Sherrilynne Starkie will be talking about her struggles in dealing with problematic clients and providing a few learning points to avoid them.