We believe every story our guests have shared has their own touch, and their own lessons to learn from. However, it seems that there are a couple of lessons that keep coming up, and that’s why they deserve their own separate page for you to take notes on.

Kill them with kindness. But sometimes, you might be the one getting killed by your own kindness. Let’s hear how Ari Krzyzek faced and overcame that situation. 
What’s worse than missing work due to illness? Not notifying your clients! Rachel was in the hospital for several weeks and failed to inform her clients. How does the client feel? Read to find out more! 
Liz works with a friend who acts as a liaison between her and the client. The client doesn’t trust her or her method. Liz says, “if you are fundamentally different from your client, you will probably never make them happy”. 
Favors and friendships in business are considered a double-edged sword. Its high risk as it could often lead to the worst-case scenario, but the positive side could also bring you the best benefits and advantages. Unfortunately for innocent Nick, he got hit by the bad side. Let’s hear more about his story below. 
If you think you have already witnessed how toxic and brutal clients could be in all of our episodes, then you guess wrong. The client Dimitri describes as a “walking shell of a man” wins the prize for the most toxic and abusive client in all client-horror stories episodes. 
As a general rule of thumb, if the company you are working for has just one full-time employee, consider it a red flag.