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Landing on a client with multiple projects sounds like a great deal. But, some would say that having such a client is like a pool of red flags hidden underneath the client’s passion for their work. Our guest, Anika Jackson, shares her experience working with this type of client and the many lessons she learned from it, including a spicy twist. 

In this episode, our guest, Anika Jackson, shares a story of when she worked with a client who had a million projects plus a nonprofit which was bankrolled and produced by her husband. Although that’s a good thing, there are plenty of red flags that came with it and Anika had first-hand experience with this situation.

To start, each project had its own logo, website, and brand identity. The client hired multiple experts in different fields and with different scopes of work, including Anika, who was assigned as her PR manager. Whenever they would go to meetings, the client and her husband would be there, which causes confusion surrounding who is the actual boss.

Then, the client wanted to hire people as her employees but under Anika’s company. Anika didn’t know them, didn’t vet them, and didn’t want to hire full-time, but it happened. As days went by, things started getting weird, a lot of missed meetings, and all of a sudden, the contract just stopped without notice.

Anika found out that she was ghosted, and the client made a bunch of reasons like she wanted to stop doing services, she wasn’t happy with Anika’s team, and she didn’t feel like she was getting enough of Anika’s time.

But there was spicy “tea” that Anika discovered. Let’s just say it had to do with a risque virtual affair with somebody who was not her client’s husband. 

Learn more about the “tea” and more professional lessons in this episode!


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