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Client stories, lessons & cautionary tales from 10+ years ago – that we wish we had learned then!

Host of Client Horror Stories Podcast, Morgan Friedman.

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We can’t avoid being placed in uncomfortable situations, but it’s always important to follow your gut. Listen to our latest podcast episode with Suzy Hardy and learn how to save yourself from harm’s way.

How do you make sure a horror story doesn't happen to you?

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Imagine consistently growing a billion-dollar company for 8 years, only to be derailed by a high-functioning psychopath you accidentally hired. Listen to Robert Indries’ client horror story, and go on his roller coaster ride to success despite his biggest challenge.
In a humorous twist, Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq., a seasoned publishing expert, found herself converting a friend's PowerPoint story into a manuscript. This unexpected challenge highlights the delicate balance between professionalism and friendship, offering valuable insights into maintaining boundaries in close relationships.
Have you ever experienced a toxic workplace culture? Well, you’re in luck. Today, Catherine Llewellyn is going to share her story about a two-day training gone wrong, all because a leader couldn’t tell the truth directly to his employees.