Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
Client Horror Stories

Client stories, lessons & cautionary tales from 10+ years ago–that we wish we had learned then!

All About Client Horror Stories

Client Horror Stories is an educational podcast born as the side B of the Beloved by Clients project, a book that turned into a course on how to get your clients to fall in love with you, and your work style. Client Horror Stories, on the contrary, is the no-fiction collection of tales on how everything can go wrong when your clients definitely are not in love with you nor your work style, even when you tried your best.


People in general, and clients in particular, have their quirks and particularities, and even though they make us all unique, they also can turn into conflict when it comes to business. And since there’s nowhere better to learn from than mistakes, in Client Horror Stories, we want to turn those conflicts (that people would usually tell their therapists about) into lessons other people can learn from.

So what’s Client Horror Stories all about? Easy, it’s a place where anyone who had a terrible client story can feel welcome, and anyone who wants to avoid them can have a sip of the lessons they learned, and how these experiences changed them.

Client Horror Stories is hosted by Morgan Friedman–who has been managing complex clients under high-pressure and high-stakes situations for most of his career – and sponsored by Beloved by Clients.