Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)

Even if everyone has horror stories to tell, no one likes to talk about the pain they’ve been through, even less if it’s related to their work life. Client Horror Stories is the place where everyone who has a story to tell, and lessons to share from it, is welcome, regardless of their job, age, and industry.

Our guests are a compilation of very brave and passionate people who’ve decided to sit back and have an open-hearted conversation about the worst clients they’ve had in their careers. And of course, the possibility of having other people learn from their mistakes just as they did is a great plus.

Ben Nuttall

Ben Nuttall

Ben is a software engineer building prototypes for BBC News, and previously spent 6 years at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Ben likes Python, Linux and all things open source.

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Mark Jacobsen

My name is Mark Jacobsen. I am an entrepreneur, leader, and strategist in the U.S. Air Force who believes in a holistic approach to life: continually improving oneself, then one’s relationships, community, and work.

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James Hush

James has given teams the ability to ship features at 5 pm on a Friday in 15 minutes to millions of users. He believes any engineering team can deliver high quality features that customers love on time, without working late or opening a bottle of Advil.

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Scott Kveton

Father, husband, entrepreneur, bacon lover, pizza maker, crypto owner and sous chef to my three children.

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Bonnie Rothman

Your story drives your business and builds your brand. I’m the founder and CEO of Company B, a digital communications agency. A lifelong storyteller, former New York Times journalist and screenwriter, I help high growth companies tell stories through content and public relations, driving massive media attention. Stakeholders want to hear more from you, learn more about you and do more business with you.

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Collin Slattery

PPC expert & founder of Taikun Digital, part time digital nomad, and Chicago sports fan. Proud New Yorker.

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