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That time when you accidentally hire a psychopath who derails your business (with Robert Indries)

Do you ever wonder whether you’ve accidentally crossed paths with a psychopath on the street? In today’s episode, Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, welcomes Robert Indries, owner of a group of 8 companies generating 7-figures yearly, as he shares his biggest mistake of hiring a high-functioning psychopath in his portfolio.

High growth comes with high responsibility, and eventually, Robert decided to take the networking reins to further expand his ever-growing company. To make sure he can concentrate on this task, he hired several executives who could, in theory, take over what he usually does. As a result of Robert’s additional networking efforts, his portfolio has managed to take in more clients and earn more money, but Robert noticed various issues on the service delivery side. Why?

He dug deeper and talked to multiple individuals and was eventually led to a single personality – one of those “leaders” he hired to allow him to focus on networking. This guy derailed the company in every possible way, whilst making Robert think twice about his own leadership… How?

He was being ingeniously spoken to with the goal of further confusing him. What’s worse is that not only were his clients being wronged by this person – they were also stealing Robert’s prospects and current employees!

Crazy? More like psycho! Press the play button and listen to the rest of the story. Uncover more of Robert’s challenges, and learn how he retook control and turned his portfolio back around.

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