Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
That time you had to develop two apps a day, every day, for a 19-years-old boss (with Ben Nuttall)

If the person that’s interviewing you for a job opens the door wearing flip flops and having no idea who you are, get out of there. A tale that leaves us valuable tips on trusting your gut, asking for second opinions, and not letting people push you to the edge. 

That time you poured your heart into your moonshot, but ended up burning down 3 acres of Stanford University (with Mark Jacobsen)

Every now and then there comes a project we believe in so much that we just can’t let it go, regardless of the acres we burn down. Mark’s tale teaches us important lessons on the chances we take when we are young, and how they can affect other people too. 

That time your teenage idol hired you to manage their show, then makes you learn not to meet your heroes the hard way (with James Hush)

Rockstar teenage dreams meet a natural ability to manage, and turns you into a one of a kind stage manager. But what happens when your teenage idol hires you, and turns out to be a huge a**hole?

That time your company had you working 36 hours straight, then took away your bonus (with Violet Femm)

Sometimes the horror doesn’t come only from clients, but actually from your boss himself. No matter how tempting it is, having your company paying for all the fancy wine you drink with your clients is probably not worth more than your mental health. 

That time your offhand joke became the embarring headline in the press (with Scott Kveton)

A tale on choosing wisely. Whether it is your team members, clients, or the jokes you’ll tell to the press. 

That time your wonderful client was growing fast and doing great, then mysteriously shuts down overnight (with Bonnie Rothman)

A story on how sometimes you do everything right and you still fail due to factors that could never have been managed by you. 

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