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Client Horror Stories

That time when you’ve already spent $5 million only to be told they couldn’t commit (with Brandon Kirkpatrick)

Have you ever tried waiting for a prospective client to make up their minds? If you’re currently doing that and your patience is wearing thin, listen to this unique episode right now, as Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, unfolds a valuable lesson out of this new client management’s tale.

Welcome to another Client Horror Story with Brandon Kirkpatrick, CEO of Catalyst Consultant Group. This autonomous drone startup has just had a welcome to the world and had a chance encounter with a potential client during a motorcycle ride. Bizarre, right? Well, they got to talking and realized the potential client needed the exact services they offer.

Hands were shaken and prototypes had already been built, but it was only until 2 years in and $5 million later that they got blindsided in the deal. It turns out there were things they didn’t know about. Of course, we’re not going to spill the whole story here, but one thing’s for sure – the story is about to take a turn for the worst.

Tune in to learn more about Brandon’s client horror story!

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