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Client Horror Stories

That time when you expected a fully formatted book for publication but ended up receiving a PPT presentation instead (with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell)

Dive into the engaging and insightful world of Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq., now an Intuitive Business Coach at Leading Through Living Community LLC, as she opens up and shares her wisdom with Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman. Lynita, once a champion of publishing, navigated the exciting realm of helping authors share their stories with the world.

Here’s a fun twist: a close friend of Lynita’s needed help publishing a book. With a generous spirit and a knack for problem-solving, Lynita eagerly stepped up to the challenge. She shares a humorous and all-too-real insight in the podcast: “Lawyers make the worst clients.” It turns out, she humorously overlooked switching from friend mode to client mode, skipping the formalities of a contract.

The story takes a quirky turn when Lynita, expecting a manuscript, receives a PowerPoint presentation instead—her friend had composed the entire story on a phone! Unperturbed, Lynita adapts like a pro, transferring the content to a laptop for better accessibility. But there’s a catch: the text is a labyrinth of incomplete sentences.

Pushed to her limits but still maintaining her poise, Lynita’s tale unfolds with a blend of laughter and learning. The full story, rich with more twists and sage advice about maintaining professional boundaries with friends and family, awaits. Get ready for an enjoyable and enlightening experience that blends professionalism with a touch of fun—this is a client horror story you wouldn’t want to miss!

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