Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)

Most Dramatic

A few years ago, Mark was called in by Evil Corp (obviously, this is a code name) to help fix a company problem. Evil Corp, as big a company as they were, had a unique idea to provide their customers with videos, which customers can show in their blogs, and allow the company to earn revenue through pre-rolled ads. What’s funny, though, is that every transaction was made through a call, with videos sent through email.
When getting into an agreement, it’s important that everyone approves of the terms and that there is an element of mutual communication surrounding the agreement. But, in Jeremy Streten’s story, instead of communicating, his client and business partners just assumed they were on the same page.
Not all clients understand how digital advertising and marketing work but it's a challenge for digital marketers to overcome. However, Divya Patel was too unlucky to land on a client that self-sabotaged their brand.