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Beyond the Fine Print: Navigating the Perils of Business with Ameet Khabra

Beyond the Fine Print: Navigating the Perils of Business with Ameet Khabra

This article was based on episode #44: Ameet Khabra’s Story brought here for us by Ameet herself & no one else but Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman. Please watch the complete episode here!


“Trust your gut. I really do feel like my gut was saying something. I just ignored it.” – Ameet Khabra


Ameet Khabra, Owner & Founder of Hop Skip Media, recounts her journey from working in an agency with billing practices she disagreed with to going freelance. She shares a client horror story involving a tax officer needing comprehensive digital marketing services. Despite early warning signs of a problematic client, including a history of conflict with previous agencies, Ameet proceeded. 

The relationship quickly soured, leading to disputes over work quality and expectations, culminating in a legal battle. This experience, while devastating, taught Ameet valuable lessons about business, client relationships, and the importance of mental health, ultimately leading to personal growth and the successful founding of her own agency.

Today, we delve into the hard-earned lessons from Ameet’s journey, offering readers a guide on how to approach business contracts with wisdom, caution, and a well-informed mindset.

Identifying Red Flags

Diving headfirst into the murky waters of client relationships can sometimes feel like navigating a minefield blindfolded. Ameet Khabra, our intrepid guide through the jungle of professional pitfalls, learned to spot the booby traps hidden beneath the surface. She shares a golden nugget of wisdom that might just save your skin: “Pay attention to what people are saying because people who get things by complaining, they’re very proud of themselves.” It’s like discovering someone’s hidden superpower for mischief and mayhem.

Imagine a client casually spinning tales of their heroic conquests over previous agencies, a red flag so glaring it might as well come with its own siren. Ameet muses on these warning signals with the acuity of a seasoned detective. This isn’t just a red flag; it’s a parade of red flags led by a marching band!

By channeling Ameet’s sage advice, you’re not just avoiding potential headaches; you’re embarking on a quest to find the Holy Grail of client relationships—ones that don’t end in a courtroom battle or a stress-induced ice cream binge. So next time you’re vetting a new client, remember: a quirky sense of humor and a keen eye for drama can be your best allies.

The Cost of Speed

In business, speed is often mistaken for a superhero cape. However, Ameet’s adventures remind us that sometimes, this cape can turn into a tangled mess, tripping us up when we least expect it. The mantra “Slowing down [the sales process] might have made me more money” echoes like a wise old owl advising against the hasty consumption of the proverbial mouse. It’s a lesson in the art of business tai chi: moving deliberately and thoughtfully, even as the world spins at a dizzying pace.

Ameet’s tale serves as a quirky cautionary tale, highlighting that racing through client relationships can lead to spectacular wipeouts. She muses, “Trust your gut. I really do feel like my gut was saying something. I just ignored it,” a statement that resonates like the chorus of a catchy tune, reminding us to dance to the rhythm of intuition.

This isn’t just about avoiding potential disasters; it’s about savoring the journey, smelling the metaphorical roses, and maybe even doing a little jig. So, let’s take a page from Ameet’s playbook and consider a slower tempo. After all, who said business couldn’t be a bit of a boogie?

The Importance of Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are the ultimate dance partners, keeping our steps light and our spirits high. Because of her ordeal, she candidly shares, “I was having these sharp pains… I physically couldn’t push myself up,” a reminder that sometimes, our bodies hit the pause button, despite a number of unfortunate events.

“I’m going to choose my mental health at this point,” she declares, choosing to cha-cha away from the brink and towards wellbeing. This isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving, doing the electric slide away from burnout and towards balance. Who would even want to go to court, right?

Ameet leaves you with a single, but very important, advise – sometimes, some things are just not worth it!

Rebuilding from Rubble

Ameet didn’t just dust off her shoulders as she emerged from the rubble of a client cataclysm; she crafted a disco ball from the debris. Her journey of resilience is less of a march and more of a moonwalk back into the spotlight. “I was… broken at that point but I wanted to start rebuilding and less focus and… move into 2017 on better grounds,” she declares, turning the page on her calendar and her life with the flair of a dramatic soap opera heroine facing her next big plot twist.

This saga of bouncing back isn’t just about picking up pieces; it’s about remixing them into a hit single. Ameet’s story teaches us that the beats of setback can lay down the rhythm for our comeback. “If it’s mental health or money, I’m going to choose my mental health at this point,” Ameet muses, choosing her battles with the wisdom of a seasoned general in the war on work-life balance.

Her narrative isn’t just a tale of recovery; it’s a masterclass in rebuilding your personal and professional empire with a dash of pizzazz. So, if you find yourself sifting through the aftermath of a professional quake, remember Ameet’s disco-infused resilience. It’s not just about getting back up; it’s about how fabulously you can strut once you do.

Embracing the Pause for Wiser Decisions

Ameet Khabra’s narrative is a testament to the virtues of caution, introspection, and resilience in the professional realm. Her journey from a tumultuous client relationship to establishing her own successful agency underscores the significance of heeding early warning signs and prioritizing one’s mental health over fleeting gains. 

Her experience teaches us to approach business engagements with a deliberate pace, ensuring that we’re not just reactive but reflective in our decision-making. This thoughtful consideration can protect us from potential pitfalls, enabling a more sustainable and fulfilling career path. Ameet’s story is a powerful reminder that in the fast-paced world of business, taking the time to listen to our instincts and evaluate our choices can lead to not only professional success but also personal growth and happiness.


This article was based on episode #43: Ameet Khabra’s Story, please watch the complete episode here!