Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
That time your client believed that advertising was a magic solution, but still micromanaged the magician (with Collin Slattery)

A pandemic story that doesn’t take long to turn into a micromanaging meets blaming marketing for everything chaos. 

That time your mentor gifted you his house in his will, but removed you from it when you asked him for the money he owed you (with Will Rico)

A very entertaining and interesting story that leaves us 3 key lessons: Choose your mentors wisely, don’t take advice from just anyone, and learn how to say “no”.

That time your agency was hired only to prevent the partner who hired you from getting fired (with Anthony Higman)

Anthony’s selection of his top-notch horror stories include a huge variety of plot twists, cross-state road trips, conflictive exes, and fishing metaphors. But more than anything else, a bunch of useful lessons learned from a lot of years in the industry. 

That time your boss cared only about spending the client’s whole ad budget (with Rachel Smith)

When your horror client turns out to actually be your boss, who portrayed your client as a monster, to keep you from meeting them and realizing how great they actually were. 

That time your client was so smoothly turning into your BFF, you didn't realize he had made up all his investors (with Jess McCarter)

The horror story that ends up with the client coming back with an apology and a job offer decades later. 

That time your client needs you to make them $1 million in six months but will only pay you to work Thursday afternoons (With Paul Stephenson)

Everyone is rational until the friend of a friend gets rich by doing something they are not doing, and that’s when you need to press pause and back down. 

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