Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)


Freelancing is the new in, and people have been scrambling to keep up with the new trend of unrestricted work hours and infinite holidays. With financial freedom as the main motto of freelancing, it’s easy to get blinded by high-paying clients while ignoring obvious red flags. Today, Ameet will tell us how to identify them and why you should always be vigilant before diving into the great unknown.
How would you feel being in a place where individuals made a living out of scamming people? The answer lies here. In this episode, Irina Poddubnaia will be sharing her traumatic experience with Chinese suppliers and providing insights on how to avoid them.
Wouldn’t it be such a breeze if you could just do your work, complete it, and get paid for all your efforts? Alas, life always has a way of keeping things exciting. In this episode, Sherrilynne Starkie will be talking about her struggles in dealing with problematic clients and providing a few learning points to avoid them.
Certain events and situations can be stressful, and sometimes, people can be pretty unpredictable. As someone at the receiving end of all the stress and drama, it can be challenging to keep a cool composure. Learn how to avoid being in the middle of these disasters in this episode!
Landing on a client with multiple projects sounds like a great deal. But, some would say that having such a client is like a pool of red flags hidden underneath the client’s passion for their work. Our guest, Anika Jackson, shares her experience working with this type of client and the many lessons she learned from it, including a spicy twist.
Early retirement is probably top 2 on everyone's wishlist. I mean, no one wants to work their whole life, right? But what if your partner isn't cooperating with that? In this episode, Robert Persichitte of Delagify Financial shares the struggles of adulting, especially when working with different people, while also dealing with personal dilemmas like early retirement.