Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)

Customers aren’t always right. Some of them are really problematic to the point of using the customer card as a free pass to ”special treatment”. Let’s hear out how a company handled such a customer

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That time when a customer frequently visits your workplace and uses the “quality control” card to eat free cupcake samples (with Braden Cadenelli)

An existential crisis is pretty normal and okay to deal with, especially when it comes to mental health. But, sometimes, this life phenomenon affects the people around us too. Let’s hear a different POV and take the chance to gather some life tips in this episode!

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That time when the web guy suddenly went MIA because he’s going through an existential crisis (with Timi Orosz)

Having many creative ideas is what most businesses aim for. However, when too many ideas are coming in, it will be challenging to pick the best one. So, there’s a tendency that you’ll have to try everything – which is the main ingredient for disaster. Find out how to avoid that in this episode!

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That time when you were too nice to a client so a 15-page website snowballed into a 150 + page one (with Ari Krzyzek)

Always establish good communication with your clients and know that no money is worth the stress and mistreatment.

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That time your client complained about your slow response time, a week after you met him in the hospital during your radiotherapy (with Rachel Brenke)

In this episode, Morgan meets fellow Will Smith fan, Liz Wilcox. A self-employed Email Marketing Specialist from Miramar Beach, Florida. A while ago,  Liz´s was contacted by her friend because […]

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That time when you worked for a client in the funeral business and ended up being ghosted yourself (with Liz Wilcox)

Every now and then there comes a project we believe in so much that we just can’t let it go, regardless of the acres we burn down. Mark’s tale teaches us important lessons on the chances we take when we are young, and how they can affect other people too. 

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That time you poured your heart into your moonshot, but ended up burning down 3 acres of Stanford University (with Mark Jacobsen)

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