Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
Client Horror Stories

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In a candid conversation between Morgan Friedman and Anika Jackson, both explore the nuanced complexities of maintaining integrity in professional settings. From identifying red flags in client relationships to fostering a culture of openness about mistakes, they dig deep into why authenticity and kindness are vital for success. By prioritizing these values, you not only cultivate a stronger team but also magnetize the right type of business. Discover how empowering your team with these core values can elevate your business to new heights.
Learn more about the importance of identifying problem-bringers, detecting narcissistic tendencies, and finding problem-solvers among potential clients. With an open mind, gain insights into the strategies, warning signs, and practical tips that can help lawyers foster healthier and more productive professional relationships.
We all had that one straw in life where we just said, “That’s it. I’m done.” For Matthew Davis of Davis Business Law, this drama triangle-themed client-horror story led him to not deal with family law anymore.