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Client Horror Stories

That time your client threatened to fire you if you didn’t deliver a surprise demo, months before the due date (with Andrew Kemendo)

Andrew Kemendo is the Principal Architect, AI at Unity Technologies, and also the star of Episode #24 of Client Horror Stories, your favorite podcast, hosted by the one and only: Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman. Today, he brings us a story that has that one killer combo: just enough drama to keep you gripping, and just enough lessons learned to know it was time well invested. 

Andrew’s tale brings us back a couple of years ago, to a young startup dedicated to creating augmented reality experiences who accepted what looked like an unbelievable deal from a huge company meant to be their hero case. And even though they were for a little while, Andrew wouldn’t be here if that would’ve remained the situation. 

Out of the blue calls to demand a demo from one week to another (even though you weren’t supposed to have it for two more months) & trying to pull their software to massively fail in the way are just a couple of the dramatic highlights this story brings along. Reaching the end, Andrew gives us some powerful lessons on how important it is to never dedicate completely to one project, aligning with your client’s entire company and not just themselves, and overall understanding that it’s not only your client who hires you, but you also hire them. 


Andrew Kemendo

Unity Technologies

Morgan Friedman