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Client Horror Stories

That time your client sent a “FU” email to the guy you’re negotiating with–at the very moment you closed a win-win deal with him (with Will Haire)

Today’s Client Horror Story is the short version of a horrifying scandal with Will Haire, CEO & Founder of BellaVix, as the protagonist along with the kind of person who has a Zoom call while he drives. In our 8th take, Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, brings you a tale full of drama, randomness, and emails telling people that they are a complete piece of a**, and all of that in just 30 minutes. 

Will’s narration takes us on a trip of discovery of the many aspects that build a proper and bright deal, including hiring the right project managers (you know, those that are so good they become your client’s go-to to talk trash about their partners), doing the required background checks, and even making sure that you are talking with the person that is actually making the decisions. 

So today’s story leaves us with a big lesson on trusting our instincts and listen to them when something seems weird at first (even if it’s just a promissing young man), making sure that our brands are correctly represented in every possible aspect, and Will’s personal advice on how to deal with horror clients: Just recommend them to your competitors.


Will Haire


Morgan Friedman