Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)

That time when your client was upset about why she was in a small podcast, that only got 10,000 downloads for her episode (with Tom Schwab)

In this episode, Tom Schwab of Interview Valet comes to us & Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, bearing a tale on how trust and communication flow in the same river towards success. His story pointed out how important it is to educate clients, provide a timeline and establish clear solutions in risk analysis when working with clients.

The story happened when Tom, a podcast marketing specialist, worked with a client with zero knowledge of how podcasts work. At first, the onboarding was great, the podcast recording was super smooth and it was a really abundant podcast session. 

Five days later, he received a nasty and angry email from the client, all about how upset she was for not getting results in those five days. She also mentioned that she was with a radio show and had 4 million listens, which were not actually 4 million listens as she thought.

She started to complain and demanded to have her money back. Tom didn’t want to ruin their reputation so he asked her to wait 10 days after the podcast to see the results.

By the end of the episode, Morgan and Tom shared interesting conclusions about the hierarchy of communication and how it helped Tom to deal with the client. Watch the episode to learn more!


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