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That time when your client didn’t pay his bill, and you ended up getting a 1000 word text from his new wife instead (with Matt Davis)

In this episode, Matthew Davis of Davis Business Law, reveals how his law firm decided to not do family law anymore because of this client-horror story.

It all started when a client came to his law firm where his ex-wife hated his guts, and she had a very good reason to because he got another woman pregnant. Still, he thought that his ex-wife was interfering with his relationship with the kids, which she legitimately was, but he wanted to be the victim in the whole ordeal.

The client kept coming to Matt, asking him to help him with his case, and Matt tried to explain to him what would happen in court and what the judge would possibly come up with in his case. Matt started to feel sorry for him, and he was pretty persistent, so Matt decided to help him.

The time came when they took the case to court, the judge was losing his temper with Matt’s client, and Matt ended up being the bad guy instead. At the end of the episode, Matt shared some interesting concepts about the drama triangle game, the grudge match, and some ways to incorporate psychology to prevent troublesome issues.

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