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That time when your client and his business partners just assumed that each of them know what to do to build a high-rise building (with Jeremy Streten)

In this episode, Jeremy Streten, a Lawyer and Business Coaching Support, shared with Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, and us, a story about the time when a client from a construction company approached to get approval to build a 30-story high-rise building in Australia. 

His client was thinking of selling the property and packaging it all up to a developer for building the high-rise. However, his business partner, an architect, was caught up in the thought that he was going to earn a lot from this and actually develop and build the property himself. A third investor, who had invested 10%, was supportive of selling the property to a reliable developer. 

So, two of them were on the same page while the other one was thinking of something grand. The catch is that these three guys didn’t communicate their end goal for this. They just assumed that each of them knew what they would do. Worst of all, this misunderstanding ended up in court.

As the episode ends, Jeremy shared valuable thoughts that are not only helpful in the legal profession but to other businesses as well. He also pointed out the little things we often overlook are essential in big decisions. 


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