Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)


Anthony’s selection of his top-notch horror stories include a huge variety of plot twists, cross-state road trips, conflictive exes, and fishing metaphors. But more than anything else, a bunch of useful lessons learned from a lot of years in the industry.
When your horror client turns out to actually be your boss, who portrayed your client as a monster, to keep you from meeting them and realizing how great they actually were.
The horror story that ends up with the client coming back with an apology and a job offer decades later.
Everyone is rational until the friend of a friend gets rich by doing something they are not doing, and that’s when you need to press pause and back down.
When everyone has a strong opinion on your work, even though they know nothing about doing your job, learn how to set boundaries before you have to end up charging them $120k for a blog.
Doing the proper background check and finding out who actually makes the decisions goes a long way, and so does trusting your instincts.