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Client Horror Stories

That time your boss cared only about spending the client’s whole ad budget (with Rachel Smith)

In our 12th take at Client Horror Stories, Rachel Smith, PPC Manager at Platform 81, gets us and Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, involved in a tale where the actual horror ended up not actually coming from her client, but from her manager instead. Her story (which is told in an enchanting British accent, and accompanied by all sorts of fun British slang) has everything that a good story needs: Drama, hidden information, secret meetings, a really tall guy, and incredibly useful lessons.

Rachel’s narrative teaches us all we need to know when we are the new people in a legacy project, in a much valued client, and how crazy it can get when communication becomes a children’s telephone game. She also gives us some lessons on the type of managers who think that just because they know how to run a business they’ll know how to do everyone’s job better than them, on how to find your way around them, and how to force you into meetings you weren’t invited to.

Today’s story leaves us with a bittersweet taste in our mouths when we realize that, every now and then, we are just going to run into people who really need to be educated on the service that you are selling to them, and not just presenting a report once a month and hope that they understand all of it. In tales like this one, the key is to realize that not everyone can handle the same management style, and that there are moments where you really just have to stand up for yourself and do what has to be done.


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