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That time you were hired to remotely create a Shopify store, yet ended up setting up your client’s store, in a mall, at midnight (with Nick Janetakis)

Always be careful when working with friends, close ones, or family members. You might wind up becoming their packager!

In today’s episode Nick Janetakis, a Full Stack Developer,  tells us the story of a time when he was introduced to a friend´s friend who sold sports sweaters and now wanted to start selling them online, so asked Nick to work on this. 

He ended up taking the job and because he sort of knew the business owner, he didn’t seal the deal with any type of contract. He even gave him a special discount. 

The client lived within walking distance of Nick’s office, and he ended up going there quite often.

Eventually, it got to the point where the business was working well and there were many orders. The client asked Nick to help pack the merch up and move boxes around!

Nick even started helping set up his client kiosk in the mall, at midnight! f

Nowadays, he doesn’t resent that time but has learned from it. Boundaries are healthy and very necessary. 

This episode leaves us with a very important lesson: Focusing too much on the relationship part of the job is counterproductive. Always be careful when working with friends, close ones, or family members. 

And a very important lesson in Nicks’ own words: You should be respectful of yourself when it comes to how you value yourself.



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Nick Janetakis