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Client Horror Stories

That time you got your desperate friend a job and he destroyed your company‘s work (with Roger Parent)

In the fourth take of Client Horror Stories, Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, receives Roger Parent from Digital Position, with a tale that could be classified also as an Employee Horror Story. Today’s narrative includes everything from betrayal, drama and friendship, along with over 10 lessons on managing not only clients and employees, but also every human being relationship you have. 

Our story begins with a guy bursting into tears in a desperate ask for a job, and our guy Roger really trying to help him, even when he could not afford him. So an unexpected solution came in the shape of a new client who also had an open position in his business, who’d work side by side with Roger’s agency: A win-win-win situation, right? Well, if that was the case then we would have no story to tell. 

Roger’s narration involves budget blow ups, account destructions, ghosting, contract-escaping manners, and even the creation of a brand new separate strategy. However, as we reach the ending of the story, we end up with the sour taste in our mouths that even the most loud and chaotic stories can end up really quiet. 

As this tale develops, we’ll have the opportunity to be a part of Morgan and Roger’s moral debate on human nature and expectations, as well as taking advantage of everything that there is to learn here (and I don’t just mean management tips, but also Shakespearean quotes). The bottom line we end up with is pretty simple: Mental health, teamwork and happiness always have to come before money. 

About Roger: 

I’m a dad, an athlete, and a guy who started a marketing agency because most of them suck. Culture is everything, and I’m lucky to have a team full of amazing people who “get it”, truly care about the work they do, and are able to have a ton of fun through it all.

Literary Quotes: 

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is. To have a thankless child.” – William Shakespeare, King Liar. 

“Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.” – William Shakespeare, Sonnet 94.


Roger Parent

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