Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
Client Horror Stories

That time when you worked for a client in the funeral business and ended up being ghosted yourself (with Liz Wilcox)

In this episode, Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, meets fellow Will Smith fan, Liz Wilcox. A self-employed Email Marketing Specialist from Miramar Beach, Florida.

A while ago,  Liz´s was contacted by her friend because their client needed some email marketing services. And of course, she was very excited to work with her buddy. 

The client worked in the funeral industry, and to begin with they thought Liz´s rate was waaay high.

In Client Horror Stories #28, Liz works with a friend, who was the middleman between her and the clients, getting in contact with grieving customers, and a client who does not believe nor let her use her usual tools.

Talking about her style and brand and her client´s persona, in Liz´s own words “If you are on a fundamental level so different from your client, that’s probably a red flag that you will never make them happy”

A year later, a new marketing manager comes in, Liz goes on holiday, and when she comes back her client stopped replying to her calls.

Luckily Liz has a policy of getting paid upfront… good advice especially when your client disappears. 

As in many of our stories, one key lesson to be learnt: when something feels funky, it probably is.



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