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That time when you lost a five-digits figure because of a typo in a bitcoin address (with Gee Ranasinha)

Setbacks are pretty normal, but have you ever experienced losing so much money just because someone didn’t want their work checked? Oops! I didn’t mean to give too much away, but we’re here with another episode of Client Horror Story with Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman

Today, we’re graced by Gee Ranasinha of KEXINO. KEXINO is a small marketing agency based in Europe, serving startups and small businesses mostly in the USA. A few years ago, they closed a deal with a well-funded organization in the crypto space—this was the time when crypto boomed and everyone wanted to get in on the latest trend.

Anyhow, deal’s closed and the project has been undertaken with Gee insisting on a proper QA before anything was launched. Guess what? Client said no and everything went poof! It turns out, there was a typo in the bitcoin address and they ended up losing a five-digits figure worth of earnings.

Get ready for this rollercoaster of a story as you tune in to our latest episode!


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