Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)

That time when your client wanted to retire early, but his wife was spending $8k a month while he spent only $2k (with Robert Persichitte)

In this episode, Robert Persichitte, a Financial Planner of Delagify Financial, comes to the show bearing a relatable adulting story of a client who absolutely hated his job and just wanted to get out of it, to share with us all & with Our Beloved Host, Morgan Friedman, of course.

This client was a pretty high-level attorney, a pretty high earner, and a very high-stress job. He wanted to retire as soon as possible. So Robert followed his usual process with the client and tried to put everything in the context of goals.

But this is where the problem came in with this client. The client gave him an estimate of about $6,000 a month in lifestyle expenses which is considered as having fun money, paying for things like groceries, and going out. 

However, something common amongst high-earning clients is that they’re unaware of the numbers they’re actually spending. Robert then came to an actual estimate of the client’s household spending, which totaled $10,000 a month. The catch is that his client was not the one in the household spending that money. He only spent about $2,000 a month, and the other $8,000 came from his wife. 

At this point, Robert knew that his client’s goal of early retirement wasn’t possible. Robert formed a great strategy to resolve this issue, focusing on purposeful communication and subtle approaches to client management.

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