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That time your client’s software died at the launch party, after they ignored all your scaling suggestions (with Artur Maklyarevsky)

In our first take in Client Horror Stories, we have Artur Maklyarevsky from Design2Dev, who’s been in the Startupland for years, sharing with us his heartbreaking (and also very recent) story. You’d think after a long time working with the same type of projects, you are probably going to have everything under control and have a full automated StartUps scientific method, right?

However, Artur here shows us how easy it is to leave aside the key factor when it comes to this field: The failure probability. Yellow flags, unwritten conditions and arrangements, lack of information in a contract that was later used against him, are just a few of the tags this episode could answer to. On and on, Artur kept telling the client what could go wrong and what improvements needed to be done, and on and on his client kept ignoring him, until the least surprising thing ever took place: Every failure that Artur predicted happened. Only this was at their launch party, in front of 300 people.

In this Client Horror Stories episode, we’ll have the opportunity to learn through Artur’s experience on how an idea that seemed very exciting and fun to pull out with a friend turned out to be a conflict-of-interests nightmare that lead to the worst finale: Having a bunch of strangers taking over your project and your team due to a serial of yellow flags you decided to ignore, and a “Don’t worry man, I won’t stiff you” as a Kiss of Death.


Artur Maklyarevsky


Morgan Friedman