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That time you cursed at the man who sponsored the 2008 Beijing Olympics after going all-out to pitch him (with F.M. Byers)

That time you cursed at the man who sponsored the 2008 Beijing Olympics after going all-out to pitch him (with F.M. Byers)

A tale on how frustrating it can get to have an awesome idea, just too many years ahead. And on how a really tough crowd can push you to the edge on the worst possible moment.

That time you got your desperate friend a job and he destroyed your company‘s work (with Roger Parent)

When going out of your way to help someone does not pay off as you expected it to: a tale that includes a human moral debate, and also a lot of drama.

That time your client-win-of-the-year sues you for most of the contract’s value (with Jason Pittock)

A story specially made for our superstitious audience: if your PM leaves right before the start, the elevators fail and/or the storage basement floods on the delivery day, you might as well get out of there before you have stalkers chasing you on the beach. 

That time you were ghosted by a client after their 48-hours emergency launch (with Manar Hussain)

Sometimes things happen so fast you don’t even realize how it’s all going out of control: a tale that begins with cleaning up your entire weekend schedule to dedicate completely to one client, only to end up losing complete access to their software two days later. The cherry on top: people hiding under desks. 

That time your client had a pizza party just to announce he’s hiring your employees (with Chris Johnston)

The best stories make you learn while you can’t hold your laugh: Chris’ tale has so many unexpected twists as important lessons on how to set boundaries with pushy clients, learning how to read them, and prioritizing your mental health. 

That time your client’s software died at the launch party, after they ignored all your scaling suggestions (with Artur Maklyarevsky)

An interesting lesson on what can happen when you do business with buddies, and ignore all of their yellow flags. Artur’s powerful tale teaches us the one thing we should all keep in mind when working with StartUps: the high failure probability. 

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