Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)


Not all clients understand how digital advertising and marketing work but it's a challenge for digital marketers to overcome. However, Divya Patel was too unlucky to land on a client that self-sabotaged their brand. Watch the full episode here!
Communication is a vital ingredient for everyday living and therefore, knowing how to communicate, when to communicate, and what medium of communication is suitable to use in problem-solving various situations, are critical components as well. Learn more communication insights in this episode with podcast marketing specialist, Tom Schwab.
Customers aren’t always right. Some of them are really problematic to the point of using the customer card as a free pass to ”special treatment”. Let’s hear out how a company handled such a customer!
An existential crisis is pretty normal and okay to deal with, especially when it comes to mental health. But, sometimes, this life phenomenon affects the people around us too. Let’s hear a different POV and take the chance to gather some life tips in this episode!
Having many creative ideas is what most businesses aim for. However, when too many ideas are coming in, it will be challenging to pick the best one. So, there’s a tendency that you’ll have to try everything – which is the main ingredient for disaster. Find out how to avoid that in this episode!
Always establish good communication with your clients and know that no money is worth the stress and mistreatment.