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That time when a customer frequently visits your workplace and uses the “quality control” card to eat free cupcake samples (with Braden Cadenelli)

In today’s tasty episode, Braden Cadenelli, the Senior R&D Manager at National Innovation Centers of Puratos shared one story that happened during his previous employment. This particular event has served as a lesson for Braden on how important trust, communication, and leadership are in business. 

Back at that time, he was working for a semi-industrial pastry wholesaler in the food industry. One time, a customer approached him asking for a large order of cupcakes from them. The company accepted the offer and this customer frequently made visits to the company. 

At this point, Braden already suspected that this could be a troublesome customer to deal with because of 2 major reasons.

First, every time the customer comes in, she would taste test their products including the ones that are actual orders. It came to the point where they would make her separate samples and leave them somewhere else so she wouldn’t bother with their work.

Second, when the deal was made and the company ordered ingredients for the production, the customer threw a tantrum saying the company ordered the wrong ingredient just because the packaging was different. It was the same ingredient made by the same manufacturer, just a different packaging because it was bought in bulk. 

Fortunately, the company owners dealt with the situation professionally and have proceeded. The day of the production came, everything was super hectic and stressful. What’s worse is, the customer was there doing “quality control” eating 10 cupcakes in every batch they made. 

As we reach the end of the episode, Braden shares some realities about such work environments and how important the principles of trust and leadership are in every industry. Let’s hear more of Braden’s story and learn a lot of interesting things in the food industry along the way!

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