Client Horror Stories

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What’s Client Horror Stories all about?

May 3, 2021

The Client Horror Stories Podcast is an idea thought and developed by Morgan Friedman, as side B of his Beloved by Clients project, that was born as a book and soon turned into an educational initiative meant to teach others that thing Morgan knows best: How to be loved by anyone he works with. Client Horror Stories presents us with many tales and anecdotes of everything that could go wrong whenever you are working with someone who doesn't love you so much. 

As difficult as it can get, the vast majority of today's jobs involve, at some point, working with clients. And clients, just like people in general, can and will get problematic facing certain situations. Even when you have the best intentions, the best software, technique, and the best everything, there's always a variable you can't control: The human factor. 


Client Horror Stories is a place where everyone who has ever had a client that left them feeling miserable, furious, and even heartbroken, is welcome. No matter the industry, trouble makers are everywhere and we dedicate ourselves to look for the worst of them and give their victims a chance to (over) share the details and the lessons that they learned. 

So, what's Client Horror Stories all about? Easy, problematic people and the management tips we learned from them.