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Beloved By Clients

April 21, 2021

The Client Horror Stories podcast was born as an initiative for our main project: Beloved by Clients or, as we call it, BBC. Beloved by Clients started as a book written by our very own Morgan Friedman (you may know him from, you know, hosting the podcast), where he shares with the world the secrets of a lifetime in the industry. 

In his book, Morgan develops many points on his core value: Working with people that aren’t just satisfied with the job you did, but that actually fall in love with the way you do it. In a few hundred pages, we can see how unconventional ways of approaching work relationships can actually give us much better results, not only by increasing our profits but also by making everybody enjoy their work lives. 


Having such a successful reception from the audience, every day Morgan received more and more invitations to “have a coffee and let me pick your brain”, and so it hit him: Beloved by Clients wasn’t just a book, it was a whole educational opportunity. And so the BBC professionalism school was born and is now teaching many students the art of developing the most amazing relationships with those you work with or for. 

However, obviously, not everything can be so good. No matter the efforts you do, sometimes things just won’t work out, and you will have to deal with people that just can’t be so enchanted to work with you. And so, as the other face of Beloved by Clients, our Client Horror Stories were born.