Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)

Even if everyone has horror stories to tell, no one likes to talk about the pain they’ve been through, even less if it’s related to their work life. Client Horror Stories is the place where everyone who has a story to tell, and lessons to share from it, is welcome, regardless of their job, age, and industry.

Our guests are a compilation of very brave and passionate people who’ve decided to sit back and have an open-hearted conversation about the worst clients they’ve had in their careers. And of course, the possibility of having other people learn from their mistakes just as they did is a great plus.


Will Rico

Business owners, marketing directors and even agencies often struggle when it comes to developing a winning approach to digital advertising. Everyday there is a new buzzword and the one that should matter the most – ROI – gets lost in the shuffle.My mission in business is to provide my clients with results from their digital campaigns – online visibility, leads and sales – along with clarity and transparency. Towards that end, I started CommonMind.

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Anthony Higman

Experienced Digital Marketing Manager with a history of working with legal industry leaders. Skilled in Pay-Per-Click(PPC)advertising platforms, Social media management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress, Microsoft Office. Strong communication and customer service background from years in the service industry. Licensed real estate agent and part time real estate investor/developer in the greater Philadelphia area. Received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from West Chester University of Pennsylvania where I studied Journalism and health science.

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Rachel Smith

Head of PPC, been in PPC for nearly ten years (eek!) started at the bottom and worked my way up.

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Jess McCarter

20 years of entrepreneurship, creativity, product development, and project management in real estate, technology, and culinary arts.

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Paul Stephenson

I help SaaS, Tech and B2B businesses to grow through paid acquisition strategies.

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Josh Silverbauer

Joshua Silverbauer is co-founder and CEO of Great Big Digital Agency — which specializes in Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, & Web Design. Josh has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them understand how to track their data more efficiently. and make decisions using that data, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and more powerful marketing strategies.
He also writes rock operas.

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