Client Management For Nice People: Jaw-dropping client experiences (and how they changed us.)
3 01, 2022

Transcription of Jason Pittock’s interview on Client Horror Stories (That time your client-win-of-the-year sues you for most of the contract’s value)

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Being friendly is okay, but don’t get too close to your client that they could already invade your personal space. Trust me, getting an email saying “the beach is lovely but you have to get to work now” when you're trying to relax at the beach is utterly screwed up.

28 12, 2021

Transcription of Manar Hussain’s interview on Client Horror Stories (That time you were ghosted by a client after their 48-hours emergency launch)

By |2021-12-28T13:36:23+00:00December 28th, 2021|Massive Miss-communication, Most Dramatic|

“You know what’s outrageously hilarious and disrespectful at the same time? It’s when your customer vanishes all of a sudden, and when you go and confront them in their office, you discover them cowering beneath their desk.”

23 09, 2021

Client-Horror story special: 3 different stories with fully loaded lessons from Anthony Highman featuring the complexity of Google Ad Campaigns

By |2021-12-14T13:50:32+00:00September 23rd, 2021|Massive Miss-communication, Most Dramatic|

Anthony’s selection of his top-notch horror stories include a huge variety of plot twists, cross-state road trips, conflictive exes, and fishing metaphors. But more than anything else, a bunch of useful lessons learned from a lot of years in the industry.

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