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We believe every story our guests have shared has their own touch, and their own lessons to learn from. However, it seems that there are a couple of lessons that keep coming up, and that’s why they deserve their own separate page for you to take notes on.

306, 2021

Transcription of Josh Silverbauer’s episode (That time your client wanted you to sleep your way to the top of Google’s search results)

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In our 9th take of Client Horror Stories, we have Josh Silverbauer, CEO of Great Big Digital Agency, opening up with the line “When you are a CEO, saying “yes” can take you very far, but sometimes you just reach a point where you wished you’d said “no’‘”. From then on, he tells us a tale protagonist by a (former) celebrity of the holistic environment whose only concern was to remain famous and his partners with very strong opinions about absolutely everything.

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